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2020-02-17 00:35:15 (UTC)


I had just had an orgasm when my phone rang a notification sound. I took a breath and checked the message. It said "I miss you" from A. It was 2:31 am.

We ended up talking for a little while and I learned that he'd been thinking of me for the past two days, and I told him that I dreamt of him the night before. Safe to say we caught up, both sleepy in bed, quietly. I told him I liked his latest drawings and told him about the follower who may be in love with me, which we both agreed was weird since he doesn't know me. "I think they get this idea of my eroticism through my art and get lustful, they then associate that with their own and that gives them a sense of infatuation," I went on analytically as I usually do, "then again, I don't know. Maybe I'm more desirable than I think I am." To that A answered, "You're definitely more desirable than you think you are." I said that's a relief and we both laughed.

Fast forward to the morning, after I got SOME sleep, I had coffee with C and he informed me Storm Dennis had kept him up most of the night. I told him my womb kept me up all night, so an internal storm so to speak, which was true. He remained a bit foggy for the rest of the day, so I said goodbye eventually and let him be. He was on my mind most of the day though, A too. One is more passionate and lustful while the other was more soulful but... I was just filled with love all day. When I kept thinking of C, I kept recalling our inside joke about being quantum entangled. It's something that surfaced when we were first emailing each other. This mental attraction when it turns emotional that we were just constantly on each other's minds. Then similar things happened to us during the day, we seemed to empathise with each other, feeling each other from such a long distance. Coincidence, surely, but he joked that it was quantum entanglement. And it stuck because in our own way we were romantic. I thought of his latest argument and figured I had time to show him things in a different way. One has got to have faith. Words won't do now, I need to show him.

The message from B developed into a correspondence, to my surprise. To make a long story short, it turned into a correspondence of explanations and some closure was attained. I still don't really know where to go from there. Yes, kindness goes a long way with me but I'm cautious still. I'm reassured there's no conflict at the moment though. A part of me wants to write more about this but not yet. I'll only write that I feel relieved. We'll see what happens.

I don't have a closing gesture.

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