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me and my life
2020-02-16 06:58:40 (UTC)

Random thoughts & update

Right now I'm on the same page as I was 4-5 yrs back. Yes, I'm jobless & still have dream of becoming an actor. 9 to 5 jobs will never me satisfaction that can only give me money which will be not again satisfying. It hurts when u know that you have potential but no opportunity. I don't how my life is going to go. I am again trying in acting & seeing a chance if I get to give any audition. I know its tough but whats the harm in trying.
What if I get something good & big. There is something which is pushing me to do so. I'm also trying for jobs. lets see.
Everyone are up to some or other thing, everyone's life is going on mine is on pause. it hurts and its a very serious thing for me that i am not earning. phewww now im on that phase where i cannot risk i can surly try but cannot risk as my family is dependent on me.
i was bit upset and feeling low so i wrote this all but i do mean that also. i hope things will be fine and ill be happy and accept what will be the condition, but ill never stop to fight back. god please bless and show me a good path.

love you and thnaks for everything in life i have. cyaa ill be back soon.