London Life
2020-02-15 23:09:49 (UTC)

Shovelling soil, train delays.

There was another storm forecast over the weekend so I went for my run at 07:30 to get it out of the way. It's hard to run so early, I'm not fully awake. I then went to help shovel some earth for the Camden Highline. Liz, Beth and Lauren were there. I enjoyed looking up at Beth as she trod some earth down wearing her coloured tights, I was thinking what a good figure she's got. I said she was a good stamper and she said "what, cos I'm fat?". I said "ha - probably not". I started to have the same conversation with Lauren I'd had before, about how she works in Fulham.

I told one girl I'd seen a play last week near where she lives in South Hampstead and I described it, but although she was interested, she didn't offer any conversation back. I also talked to a pretty Italian girl with a sexy accent. The wind and rain were only just beginning when I left but the men were closing the park in anticipation of the storm.

The time went by quickly and I left at 12:30 to go to football. I was a bit weak from a slight cold and tired from the digging and wanted a sit down and I left at 13:15, the latest I would ever leave, which still ought to give me leeway.

However there was no Northern Line train for 10 minutes, I got a Bank one but it didn't stop at Euston which was closed. So I got off at King's Cross St Pancras but the train I got there stopped at Russell Square for ages and didn't seem likely to move for a while. It was now 13:55. There wada family of away fans there, the mum had got one of the bored boys to give me his seat.

I got off and got a bus to Waterloo, it was 14:10 and wondered whether to pick up the bike I'd left there yesterday and cycle. There were no direct trains so at 14:13 I got on the 14:17 to Clapham Junction but it left three minutes late. At this stage I expected to miss the kick off but I got another train quickly, ran to the ground and got there with about ten minutes to spare. I couldn't get a programme until I went on the shop afterwards, as I still hadn't got cash out - but at least I could get a coffee in the ground. .

My brother told me he went to see our old teacher, who seemed fine, then he died four days later. The game was played in very windy conditions. Afterwards had to go back to Waterloo to get my bike which I forgot to pick up from Concert Hall Approach yesterday. Despite only stopping for a quick samosa and a take-away coffee, I didn't get to Putney station until 17:41. For once I wasn't wearing a short skirt, but one girl braved it, crossing windy, rainy Putney Bridge.

Couldn't resist getting a vegan pasty at Waterloo, then cycled home. The wind wasn't too bad crossing the river but nearly blew me off at Euston Road. I had wet feet and could hardly wait to get home.

Listened to BBC Introducing in the bath and was surprised to see on our new radio that CDNX has been revitalised - it previously changed it's name to NME Radio, which is still going separately. Watched the EFL but there was some horribly-dressed woman doing it instead of Colin Murray.