Experienced Life
2020-02-15 09:16:18 (UTC)

Morning gym

Morning gym is a bee-atch sometimes. Not a morning guy. Mind says one thing, body and bones does something else. I hurting, I'm dizzy because I just woke up. I'm happy if I dont spill my coffee.

But when its finally done, I'm in my happy place. Dopamine, serotonin and whatever else I'm not aware of kicks in. Feel physically and mentally better.

Kicking back waiting for Costco to open. I'm hoping the flowers are on sale today. The day after Valentines. My flowers finally died.

Yesterday, gym was fun. I'm slowly becoming one of the cliques there but it's taking awhile because I only go once a week. But I'm always in a good mood at gym and I go after work so my body actually feels like going. When we split up in mini groups, we're starting to stay with a consistent group. It's always nice to feel wanted. That's why I keep saying to go to an instructor led class.

The coach there invited me to start attending his gym more often. Positive people makes the gym more enjoyable. I think I'm more of a goof around gym type person. I do the workout but always have something so stoopid to say to make people laugh. But like I said, it's more fun when you feel wanted.

For example, today coach tells us to lay on our backs, lift our legs 6", lock our knees, and point our toes back. I'd say... "You had me at lay on our backs. I'm good with that coach". Peeps laugh.Lightens the mood.
Well, killed enough time. Off to Costco

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