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2020-02-15 13:45:23 (UTC)


I dreamt of A last night. It was in a hostel or something and I found that he was lodging there. I saw him a few times but it was almost as if he was trying to avoid me. I know dreams don't have any prophetic powers so it's probably just my fears acting out scenarios. It occurred to me to send him a friendly message on WhatsApp but I doubt that's a good idea.

C and I were in the middle of another discussion in which he fired up arguments that I disagree with. I'm trying not to take anything too seriously and not in text, for fear it turns into another pointless argument. Then again, it's also possible we get into those situation because of MY over analytical questions. I don't know... it's like I'm more aware when I reach a crossroad but rather than stress about it, I'll just say fuck it and take a break, giving myself time to figure it out calmly.

And on a different note, B contacted me out of nowhere yesterday evening. No idea what that's about.

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