Christopher Mel

The Mirror
2020-02-14 20:13:17 (UTC)

Life Simulation continues

It's a bit sad. It seems all the really good people end up falling ill, move far away, or end up dying in car accidents. Then assholes like you and I are stuck with with each other's bullshit. Just a noticeable pattern. Anyway, I tried to reach out to 'daman' (yeah I know) for his birthday, despite my own rules and regulations I had set for us and I had gotten the type of response I had expected from someone who still after all this time figured out why he was even restricted. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was spewing poison but rather the fact that the conversation was always geared towards him and 'his' goals, and that he wasn't a very good listener, on top of other boundary issues, lack of respect for other people's personal time, and generally making everything about him. In other words, narcissism. I don't feel like explaining myself to him or feel forced into having 3- 5 hour conversations because you're needy and blah blah don't want to go into all that again. I'm not sorry for shit. Never learned the most fundamental lesson that is that not every fucking thing is about YOU. Let him smother somebody else endlessly. Always trying to relive some moment that's long in the past. Learn to move on like everyone else has to.
Then I hear it's a 'thing' that women pull the 'you're not really a nice guy' when you call them out on their shit instead of going along with it like a submissive little pet. So is that what a nice person is supposed to do? Put up with your shit? Maybe those fake nice guys; those weirdos that act interested in you solely because they think you're pretty and nothing else. Maybe pretend to be interested in whatever bullshit you have to say, smile, play nice, then push their unwanted advances on you long after you've rejected them. The 'nice guys' that are actually douches and have extremely punchable faces and cuck/white knight way of thinking. The types that always talk about themselves and find a way to make everything about them. They're basically assholes who don't give a shit about anything or anyone until they see a pretty girl then they act all friendly and whip up that artificial personality on a dime thinking he's gonna get some for a few seconds of feigned humanity. Maybe 'those' types of guys will put up with you. Unfortunately for you that shit doesn't work on me. Not buying it. First, that would imply I was a nice guy, and second, that would imply that I was even interested in the first place. Luckily I'm not so I won't hesitate to call you out on being a fucking asshole or just rude in general. I wasn't raised to put up with anyone's disrespect. Just a regular guy forced upon this planet like the rest of you, but for some reason, either due to entitlement, arrogance, lack of self awareness, bitterness, sheer stupidity or self-righteous indignation you feel I'm obligated to go along with your bullshit behavior towards me. And if I don't, you'll what? Call me less of a man? Follow your shallow, on the fly definition of a man that coincidentally feeds into your own narcissism by working your way? Delusional cunt. Do you have any self-awareness at all? Respect, equality, understanding, kindness, acknowledgement, not being a little shit even when not being provoked. In other words the bare fucking minimum of a human being and human treatment. You'll be surprised how many people(especially women) fail to meet this basic minimal requirement. You don't give respect, you don't get it. Not a difficult concept at all to conceive, unless you're entitled or stupid. That I give you the same disrespect and bullshit that you give. Yet you play oblivious and surprised EVERY single fucking time. Like I have to smile, play dumb and go along with your passive disrespect without question or acknowledgement. The fuck is wrong with people? It reminds me of that case where workers in a restaurant had to be trained about 'race relations' or some shit, because a worker kicked out a bunch of black customers because ONE white customer felt 'uncomfortable'. Right off the bat I can go into several reasons why that was incredibly stupid, but, I'm gonna focus on the fact that 'people had to be trained". Are you fucking kidding me? Basic. Human. Civil. Liberties. Basic human treatment. It's one of those things where you either get it or you don't. You really can't train someone in something that should be so fucking basic. And if can't figure it out on you're own then you're fucking LOST, and there is nothing to discuss. So no, I am not putting up with you women's bullshit, nor should I be expected to. Anything argument other than that is pure entitlement and garbage on your end. So stick to your end of the street and I'll stick to mine, but be it known that if cross enemy lines there will be a warzone. And since I'm not a nice guy I don't have to pretend to tolerate your ass. I mean you certain don't, so go fuck yourself. I'll shit, and you'll swallow it because you can't do anything about it, and to queue a page from the woman's 'logic'(lel) book' "I don't owe you shit" so I'll treat ya as I fucking please since you don't understand any concept contrary to the negative. Keep up that hypocritical 'do as I say, not as I do' mentality and see where that gets ya.