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2020-02-15 01:51:04 (UTC)

St. Valentine's Massacre

I didn't expect to have fun. Then again, I made sure I had no expectations whatsoever. I missed most of S's dinner party but was just in time for dessert. I split my attention between her and N and it really hit me quite hard how much I've missed them. New people were fun to listen to actually, we were all geeks around a table of good desserts and after a calm productive day, it was a fun evening.

On Instagram a very enthusiastic follower asked me out on a virtual date. A cute gesture but... well, you know. C surprised me by acknowledging the day this morning, and played our game of the imagination. That made me feel warm. Otherwise, tutoring was great though both me and the students were sleepy. I managed to finish chores and tasks in the morning, so all in all a productive day. No upward spikes or downfalls of emotion. Pretty much smooth sailing.

My eyes tingle. There's no way I'll manage to read a chapter but I'm hoping I'll sleep well. Time to put my favorite audios on, which I need to write about at one point. Outside the wind blows hard. It makes for a good tune.

Sweet dreams

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