London Life
2020-02-14 23:07:18 (UTC)

Vauxhall City Farm

Ran to work and again my running app messed about, making the distance 10km instead of about 6, and giving me impossible (for me) average times. My manager again asked for a section 4 review I'd already done, so I just tweaked it a bit and it looked as if I'd done lots of work this morning. Instead I finished the Top 100, including links, the earliest I've done it for weeks.

I had the afternoon off because Jack's union got him to take the day off for a protest, though he didn't want to go on their demonstration so he went to see a film with his friend in the morning then met me at lunchtime. I couldn't get the whole day off but asked for a half day and my manager thought I was asking for the whole day again. He started complaining but I'm saving my desperate appeals for when I really need the time off.

Cycled to Waterloo then walked along the river in sunshine past the House and Lambeth Palace to a vegan cafe in a community centre, near where I meet people in the pub before Vauxhall fetish nights. It was a social enterprise, non-profit, zero-waste place in a nicely sparse setting.

Jack had "phish" and chips, I had a Bagel and we shared macaroni cheese. Afterwards we looked at the history of the famous 19th century Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (which also gave the Russian language their word for "Station"), and walked around the Vauxhall city farm despite our uncertainty about whether it was a good thing to keep these animals here. We saw horses, goats, fat chickens, lovely alpacas and turkeys. The pig wouldn't come out.

There was another local run--down friendly vegan cafe, the Bonington, in surprisingly upmarket back streets behind the busy junctions of the area, which appeared to be closed, but the lady in there was busy cooking and she said "well I'm here", meaning we might as well come in. We stayed there for ages on our own having had one bun and a cup of tea, chit-chatting while Jack watched the England cricket match on his phone, the lady listened to Classic FM and I read the Guardian.

Eventually Jack went off to his parents and I went to see the under-23 match. I forgot to get any cash out but managed during the game to get a free coffee from the scouts' bar. Had some time beforehand so got a flapjack and samosa from a shop, then a coffee and really nice bit of lentil curry for about £2.50 in a cafe.

The game against Villa was enlivened by two cracking goals in a 2-0 win, and I enjoyed Graham's lively chats with his mate. Coxy was there with Chrissie, I could only assume his wife and kids had gone out or something, I haven't seen him for ages. I didn't talk to him though.

Brian was in Israel, he'd been to a Ladies' match where one girl took her top off after she scored a goal. Brian wasn't sure whether the referee was booking her or taking her phone number.

Pleased to catch the 21:00 train, went home via Vauxhall but forgot I'd left my bike near Waterloo! I really should have gone to a fetish night somewhere in City Road, a great opportunity while Jack was at his parents', but hadn't really looked it up until last night, and as it was one I hadn't been to before, I was too lethargic to sort out an outfit and change my plans. Instead I watched the midweek EFL and ploughed on with my Europe 1950-2017 book. Now reading about the collapse of the Soviet Union.