London Life
2020-02-13 23:20:02 (UTC)

The Cutting Edge

Cycled in to work, enjoying several micro-mini skirted girls in the streets. One, crossing at traffic lights where I'd stopped in The Mall, jacket almost covering her skirt, who paraded her entire sexy thighs leaving no margin of error, still boldly walked up the steep stairs the other side of the street.

My senior manager sat diagonally opposite so I made an effort to work, going through emails and form applications. Stayed until 18:00 to get some time credit, then got trains to Dalston with Jack to see a play 'The Cutting Edge' at the Arcola Theatre, where we haven't been for a while - Jack didn't remember the way there from the station.

We didn't have much time but went for a coffee, I had to bring mine in to the theatre in my portable cup. It was the first night of this play, the press night isn't until next week. The director came on at the start to apologise that a piece of scenery wouldn't stay up, so we'd have to imagine there was a wall there in Act 2.

It started off promisingly, about a couple that had escaped to the country to try and live self-sufficiently, but started to go downhill when an old woman walked in off the street. She was the largest character but didn't fulfil much of a function.

Much of the play was a discussion about art between the husband and two other characters, re-treading old ground about nonsensical modern art, and whether it appealed to working class people.

It didn't hang together at all. There were elements introduced such as a man's rages and that he'd almost committed suicide, that there were dinner guests arriving later, and it felt like a first draft. We were asked to move more central than where our tickets were, as it was far from full. I was able to look directly down at another beautiful pair of young thighs, well-placed beneath me in the audience. I went to stand near her in the interval and she was speaking sexily in French.

As last night, the train timing afterwards was perfect. There was an expected cabinet reshuffle today but there was a shock when the chancellor Sajid Javid resigned. Seems Johnson wanted to replace his advisors with Dominic Cummings' favourites. Meanwhile the Shindig seems to be open for everyone this year so I might not get a place. I definitely want to go, even though it will clash with football.