always wth love

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2020-02-13 14:26:41 (UTC)

So it feels like forever

Hey am back day before Valentine's Day again
So, its been eleven months having braces on my teeth to feel confident in my smile. I cant believe last year, i have heard the news of my Uncle health situation of cancer; therefore, I havent seen him in years and am glad his remission now. There's so much changed in ways for the better, I guess. I have spoken to old friend Kim again what feels like forever quite exciting but still lonely at times. I only have year left of college student life; however, am ready for change that I'm no longer afraid of that outcome. But lately I have been feeling disconnected from everyone its quite unsettling for me. i have learned from my past honestly just constantly being remind of old habits. Is so damn drag. Last month reconnected with Lorena shes good friend and I have miss the fun chats we had through phone but was better talking face 2 face. Now days through lingering emails that get lost with junk emails sometimes.
So, I had asked my ex a question or say a promise if we will get back together. He said he would if he doesnt met someone new we would start fresh. But, after talking to Kim yesterday makes second think if that would be good for me.
Tomorrow night, I had plan a movie night by myself being on Netflix, I'll know that would put me a better state of mind.
Yes I am bisexual and am proud of that!
I'll be back in March or April who really knows, I will post soon... always wth love