London Life
2020-02-13 17:46:56 (UTC)

Absolutely Starving at London Bridge

Wed 12/02/2020
The mouse-man came, found some holes, put some poison down and advised us to get the holes filled but by another builder as it would be cheaper than their service. I already gathered that, as they were offering to do the work for £450, and I’ve already paid them £199 for what amounted to two visits where they looked around and put stuff down. We were hoping they could do it in a more humane way.

I worked from home because he was coming round, which wasn’t really convenient because of the football later. I decided to walk there this time. Jack said he wanted to meet so I said I’d see him at London Bridge and it would be a break in my walk. In fact I spent a lot of time in WH Smith trying to find a magazine which had an article on my runners’ group, but after wondering where it would be kept on the racks (there’s a magazine entitled ‘women’s running; under women’s health and leisure, but the other running magazines were under ‘Sport’. I had a good look through the magazine but I must have missed the edition I want.

Met Jack for a coffee at a “Absolutely Starving”, in a shared space opposite London Bridge station. The girl serving was a bit brusque and preferred to talk to her manager. Jack had worked out a plan around when we’re staying at Cheddar Gorge for a running festival, we’re going to Glastonbury and Bridgwater, and he’s found some really nice places to stay. We need to take our bikes as the places are quite a way from the stations.

In the ground I sat next to Barrie with Chrissie in front of me. It was a bit of a battle in the first half, being denied space, but the second half was better. Last night’s results meant a draw was good enough. Last year we missed the 21:46 train and the next one was cancelled, but this time we caught the 21:46 and Jack was amazed how early I got home.

I would have gone to bed early but we watched a Newsnight hustings of the Labour leadership candidates. Most of them I hadn’t heard speak before. Kier is clearly the best, as we knew when we first met him.