London Life
2020-02-13 17:44:09 (UTC)

Vida Bakery / Katie's birthday drink

Tues 11/02/2020
Elina and I got to sit together, which is now quite rare, we rarely seem even to be in together, or her boss makes her sit downstairs, and we chatted pretty much all day. She was wearing a very open top showing her red lacy bra, and was asking me what I thought of some low-cut dresses she wanted to buy from Asos. I don’t think she ever covers her cleavage. She touched my knee a couple of times We got lunch at a salad place opposite Greggs - expensive but nourishing.

Afterwards Met Jack at King’s Cross as we wanted to try a vegan pop-up in the square in front of the station. There were supposed to be four franchises, so I walked all round the small circular building before realising that they were all in one shared space. I got a vegan sausage roll at Vida Bakery before I realised, but they gave us a free pastry as well. Jack got something a bit better from another concession. We had a coffee at the Parcel Yard pub. I went to the Ladies’ and Jack said he was going upstairs. I hadn’t even realised there was an upstairs.

I left just in time to get the tube to Finchley, but got the wrong branch and got to Hampstead before I turned round. I got there late but they were still doing introductions. Evidently You were supposed to give a fact about yourself and say whether it was true or not. I Said “I got here late and don’t know What I’m supposed to do – false” which got some laughs.

I managed to recruit a new girl to the quiz, she said she’d bring her husband who “love quizzes” so that was good as I’m worried about getting enough people. Charlotte was their but wasn’t going to the drink, so I wanted to talk to her. As I’d looked at her old pictures on social media, and realised how gorgeous she is, I was a bit intimidated and was wondering what I’d talk to her about, but of course she was great at conversation. She works as in publicity for McVities near Heathrow, and had to go home to do some work.

We went to a park I’d actually worked at before, we had to move some heavy bags. I could hardly lift mine. It was a quick task but the old man there wouldn’t have been able to do it, and it would have taken one person ages anyway. We went into pairs and did a weird exercise where we had to touch our partners’ knee, I was with Charlotte.

In the pub for Katie's 30th birthday drink, I talked to another new girl, Elle at the bar. She was trying to get gluten-free beer. I sat with Rob and Vicki and we talked about science and fossil discoveries. I never really got to talk to the beautiful Claire. I did also briefly talk to Abi, Jacqui, Mumtaz and Katie who’s birthday it was.