London Life
2020-02-13 17:43:12 (UTC)

The Haystack

Mon 10/02/2020
Another quiet day at work to catch up with other things. I met Jack outside the office, but eh had to go back for his food. CityMapper suggested getting three buses to South Hampstead, but when we got on the first, I realised that the third, route 13, actually stopped at the bus station where we were, so we got off and went to another stop, but it didn’t come in the promised 1 minute, it was raining hard so after a while we decided to get the tube, even though I’d paid on the first bus.

It’s ages since we’ve been to the Hampstead Theatre, once a regular haunt. After a coffee downstairs (where they’ve taken out some of the sofas), we went to see ’The Haystack’ which had a good review in The Guardian this morning. The dialogue was really sharp and clever. The story was about two lads working for GCHQ. Their current job was to hack a female journalist, wanting to know how she found out trade secrets, but after they were taken off the case, one of them illegally kept tracking the girl.

He realised she was going to commit suicide but went to her house to prevent it, then he started going out with her and they fell in love, but he had to keep lying about who he was and where he worked. It was really well written, though the end was a bit drawn pout and there was some rather obvious sermonising in that part. Also, I wonder how long the man would have been able to succeed in lying about himself and his identity to a trained journalist