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2020-02-13 06:40:17 (UTC)

How the heck?? Getting old or what?! 🤔

So, I'm checking what body parts hurt as my more weird but somewhat normal routine is in the mornings. Yeah...bored and have some time to post stoooopid irrelevant stuff. I feel the muscle aches when I press around myself and know instantly what workout we did to cause this muscle ache. However, I felt a sting on my butt when I touched it. I look back and notice a vertical scratch on my butt. Enough for blood to line up and cauterize (that's how it's spelled I think) Where and how did I do that?

I'd like to say I was having passionate sex one night and some woman scratched it clawing my butt during love making but nope, it wasn't that unfortunately. I don't think I ran into anything and I don't see how the gym could have caused this. Then I think about when you're old. You end up getting these misc bruises and injuries from nowhere. So am I getting to be an old fart and getting myself into these self induced injuries and not knowing how I got them?

Maybe I need my babe to baby me a little. I'm so used to taking care of myself. I forgot how to depend on anyone else to help once in awhile. Maybe a massage once a month or something. Coffee in bed maybe once a week sounds like a dream. Maybe even some morning something-something with my babe to start the day off right? Oh well.. pipe dreams for now. I'm still happy with my Keurig next to me. I guess I can't bitch so much. Life is still pretty good scratched ass and all.

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