Do Not Disturb

2020-02-13 03:31:34 (UTC)


So my Grandma finally gave the dog purse that she thought I wasn't gonna take care of because sge says that I will stuff journals in their because I've done it in my other purses but because they can actually fit and they were big enough to put in. But this one you can't its small... Lol! Unless I find a really small journal to put it in otherwise I can't and plus I have this online diary that I've been writing in for a while now.

We went to the casino again tonight which was a bad idea but I just like to go to get out the house. I played a machine with the five dollars that my mother gave it to me and I got 6 spins and won $50 dollars. Now I was gonna keep it but of coarse my Grandma and mama just had to ask for some to play it back and then they lost it.

But my mama get paid tomorrow so, I'll be able to have ALL my money back and have something to eat while I'm at work tomorrow.

I met this guy his name is Freddie....Fred. And he works, has a car, ect... He's mixed. The first thing that popped into my mama and Grandma mind is that we were gonna have some cute ass babies. Like really ma... lol. But to be honest, we will. But I'm not thinking about any babies right now till I'm at least 28 or 29.

I hope I see him again. Friday is Valentine's Day. I wanna go and see this movie so bad. Maybe he can go and see it with me. Its called ", The photograph". Saw the trailer multiple times and it's almost here.

Okay, that is all..

Mood: Feeling pretty good

- A

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