Carrie notes
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2020-02-12 21:28:42 (UTC)

David Brownson

David Brownson of 1555 Franklin Street apartment 2411 makes it a point to try and stir up trouble everytime he comes to get coffee. One time he was a dime short for his coffee I let it slide. Today he came in and tried to give me all but two cents for his coffee. I in turn told him three times his coffee was on me at which point he went and told Chris I was trying to throw him out of the community room. At which time I told him for the fourth time his coffee was on me. Not one time did I say he needed to leave the community room.
David Brownson is the type of person who likes to manipulate and stir up trouble. More than once he has chosen to target me for whatever reason he has. More times than not he has told people I'm a busybody, repeatedly he lets people come in and sit in our community room while he goes to take a shower in his apartment, and he goes around telling women they start having orgasms at age 12. How much of his garbage do we have to put up with?
I'm going to counseling to resolve my issues and I don't need a trouble maker like David Brownson making things worse than they already are.

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