from my heart
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2020-02-12 13:19:09 (UTC)

im so sleepy

8:19 am

im really fucking convinced that nobodys ever going to love me like i wont ever be able to have a boyfriend. lol i wish someone liked me like that though

its crazy how easy i have become. usually when id send nudes and sext other people it was anonymous asf and i made sure to be careful because i dont want things to get leaked. well yesterday i dont know why but i have this person online ive been speaking for a few weeks now and we were both horny and started exchanging pics and sexting.

i feel like its a bad idea but i couldnt care less in the moment if suppose he leaked it to ppl i know. idk why i like sexting even cause it doesnt turn me on that much but maybe its the fact that im not alone. also helping a guy get off is getting fun and i feel good abt myself.

i dont think im ever gonna have a boyfriend because of how unlovable i am. i wish i could get today over with already

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