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2020-02-10 14:16:51 (UTC)

Coffee Must Be Bennu:

Currently it was cloudy but it was the 24 hours!

Wrote: (2/10/2020: Currently Cloudy)
Went to meet up with a friend I haven't seen in years to catch up. The atmosphere, at 11am was more quiet and conducive to having a beautiful coffee and working on a laptop alone, but it may be louder earlier in tthe morning during the coffee rush....

Check out the Mocha Menu! It reads like a wine list of sweet desserty deliciousness.

Sometimes you can go into these cool downtown adjacent coffee shops and feel intimidated, but the woman at the counter, as well as the barista, couldn't have been more pleasing, helpful and patient. I asked for a cinnamon latte and although they didn't have cinnamon syrup, they had suggestions galore! I ended up doing a toffee nut syrup and they put cinnamon on top. It was WONDERFUL!!! My friend enjoyed her Raven mocha so much, too!

The furniture is a little hodgepodge but the place was charming and had a cute snapchat worthy walll behind the counter. (Pictured)

Finally, I must say, I was shocked that this close to downtown there was an ACTUAL PARKING LOT! I drove in from the burbs, so not having to deal with the whole meter sitch in the 42 degree weather was so nice!

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