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2020-02-10 01:04:36 (UTC)

Wine tasting debauchery 😇

Man, we really got plastered today. Good thing they invented Uber. So.. 7 of us went wine tasting. It was a special event at this place called the Sugar Mill in Clarksburg California. I'm guessing it used to be an old sugar mill and they made it into a wine tasting place with multiple vineyards renting out space there. Looks pretty cool and rustic keeping the old decor there so it has it's own special ambiance. But hell!! It cost 45 bucks to get in there. Sheez Louiz!!!

It was a port paring thing. We had 24 tastings on our pass. All ports! Hell no. After 10, I had enough of that. Then the alcohol kicked in too. Started chatting up with peeps and we were getting along. I'd lose my friends constantly so they had to get a designated finder for me. hehe. I get caught up in conversation with these people I meet and time just goes by chatting. So my friend comes and gets me. Funny thing because I don't really know her. Of our group, I know her the least. Anyway, I'm there chatting away having fun then all of a sudden, my friend comes and pulls me along like a little kid. I have to smile and laugh because I'd just abruptly stop my chatting and say I gotta go. haha

I think I stopped getting my wine pass stamped after my 15th pour. Ports are ok but dang!!!! I can't do 25 port tasting with chocolate parings to go with it. Ugh.. I ended up just going to a regular spot that served and sampled reds. So that's where I went. Of course, Mr chatterbox ended up talking to the pourer. She had all these rings on her. It looked pretty cool. Women always know how to accessorize. I don't. A gold necklace to me is going all out. haha.

We started talking wine talk of course. I asked what she does and she actually works full time pouring wine and stuff at the winery. She mentioned she's been doing this for 6 years now. I asked what wineries she worked at and non of them are the ones I'm a member at. I mentioned the ones I am a member at and she knows the owners of most of them. Wow!! So apparently, a certain owner owns multiple wineries. How the hell does that work? Little old me just has a normal 9-5er. This dude owns multiple wineries? Anyway, this lady's name is Monique. Yeah, cute of course. Shallow Hal is still in me at times.

I was getting hungry so I said adios to her. She seemed like she was interested in really chatting. She complimented me on my outfit. At that moment, I was so thankful that I didn't come in with sweats like I used to do not too long ago. Also had on my fav parfum. It was Layton by Parfum D Marly. It smells so good by the way. Dudes, get it. Don't bother sampling it first. Get it and thank me later. I tell you, it is a crowd pleaser. At least with the ladies. I'm sure it may still work with the gay people but I didn't take notes in that depts. lol . Anyway, they had 1/2 a dozen food trucks out int he grassy area. Picked one and was looking at the menu. Low and behold, I saw my wine pouring lady behind me saying hi. I asked why was she stalking me (jokingly of course) ? She was getting lunch for her boss she says. So since I was about to eat, I asked is she wanted to join me for lunch and she said ok.

Had lunch together at an empty table. Later, I found out Heidi said she was right behind me about to order food too but get this, she said she saw me with that lady and didn't want to "cock block me" so she went to another food truck instead. Haha. I tell you, my friends are so ficking weird and funny. My friends laters asked me if I asked her for her number. It was too soon for me. Not feeling it. Liked that companionships but my heart wasn't into it. Anyway, after lunch Monique (that's her name) said she works at xxx winery ( sorry I forgot the name) and she works there full time and I can visit her anytime and she'll be there. Not sure if that was a hint but hey, at least that means she isn't afraid that I'd be a stalker. hehe.
I bought my Zin at her place. I was sick and tired of port. Every time I went back (4 times) she'd come over to ring me up even when she was pouring at another booth. So yeah, made me feel wanted. Take my money. hehe.
This is a pic of her and her lord of the rings apocalypse rings she wore.

I was so wasted. Got home somehow. I woke up not knowing what time it was. When I saw 12 o clock, I wasn't even sure if it was 12 midnight or 12 the next day and that I was late for work. Whew!! The relief of finding out it was midnight. I'm home safe and sound. Thank goodness for good friends. Didn't wake up with permanent marker marks on my face with penis drawings. lol.

Here are some pics of some of the booths, bottles, and atmosphere at the Sugar Mill. Got to plastered later to keep taking pictures.

I'm sure I'm going to love getting up in the morning to go to work. ugh...