Do Not Disturb

2020-02-09 16:59:09 (UTC)

A whole week

I still can't believe that I went a whole week without being on my phone. Well, almost a whole week since I've been on my mother hotspot but still a whole week...???

I was so happy when I got my check the other day. But then the stupidest thing happened we went to the casino and what I thought the fourty was for gas my Grandma used it to play in one of the machines instead and didn't win anything back also what's even more fucked up is that I gave my mother my card thinking she was gonna give me the twenty to at least see what I can do but she ended up getting at least twenty six out of the card. MY CARD. I sholuld've known not to give her my card. I didn't even wanna come to the casino I thought we were going home. But they just think just because I get my check every two weekends on a Monday that they can just bribe me out of my money whenever they want but as long as they give me my money back its all good. No its not all good. I need my money. I can never have it for myself without anyone asking to "borrow" my money saying they'll pay me back knowing damn well their not. And I just got my check yesterday and now its almost gone because I couldn't say no. Next time when I get my check lor any money I will say no. I don't care how anybody feels about it. I work hard for that damn money. Family or not ( mostly family ). I'm so mad right myself even. I could've said no. But I was to scared too. 🙄🙄🙄

Mood: Mad as hell and sad

- A

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