Carrie notes
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2020-02-09 23:36:50 (UTC)

Text From Aunt

Carrie I thought I would send you your income and a list of your monthly expenses. Your income is $675 plus $128 for a monthly total of $803. Minus $179 for rent, $60.45 for dish, $67 for Metro PC, and next month your power bill will be about $118. That leaves a remaining balance of $378.55. Then after bills are paid you are drawing $50 per week times 4 weeks and an additional $100 for groceries. That is a total of $300 you draw to be deducted from the $378.55 above. That then leaves $78.55 remaining per month to be saved or used towards hair cuts, clogging and just saved. My concern is that you are coming very close to spending exactly what you receive. I know you are going to want things in the future.

At this point you have about $700 that you have saved from the past to give you cushion for the future. But you need to be very careful about your current monthly spending because I did not want you to get into a problem later on