2020-02-10 00:15:46 (UTC)

Hot Pink

It's maybe the first time this happens. I managed to slowly get back to erotic art this evening and finished a drawing of a woman's... uh, flower, with her... uh, petals spread? I don't know how to talk about that here but it doesn't seem appropriate to just say "stretched pussy flaps". Oh shit, I just did.

Anyway, I was quite proud of the end result and the shades of pink and red pencil that I put in. The paper is crappy though so must use a new sketchbook from now on. I wanted to show someone my work but C has already opted out on critiquing this line of my art. I know why though. He'd consider it vulgar. He'd appreciate a more emotional composition and I understand that, I do. But people have actually sent me reference photos to draw, you know? And these are almost always exclusively of their assets.

I'm getting quite tired of that though, and ready to start a new phase. Once I finish all the requests and clean out the dick and vag photos, I'll be ready for something new and hopefully more meaningful.

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