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2020-02-09 04:21:18 (UTC)

Woke up way too early 😡

Woke up to some sounds in the backyard. Couldn't be the ghost of loony roomie. I wasn't scared, just concerned. I have an arsenal of firearms to keep me safe and sound but then I also heard the wind chimes meaning it's the wind. It's rare to have wind in Sacramento since we are a valley somewhat. But yeah, that's all it was.Alexa says we have winds as strong as 22 miles an hr. Now I'm up way too early. It's like 4AMish here. Not sure if I should fix myself an alcohol drink or coffee. haha. I guess I could drink some hot tea. Yeah..I'll try that and maybe get another hr of sleep in . Maybe.

I guess there may also be a thing or two on my mind so once again, waking up and having those first few seconds of current life status filling into you is nice when the going it good but really sucks when it's not. But oh yeah...that familiar feeling of realizing you aren't in the most ideal position in life....once again... I just take a big deep breath, and sigh.. Not the best day right now but I can smile because there will be better days again.

Wow! I wake up to my right knee bugging me again. I know I strained it from working out. I better keep an eye on it and not make it worse. Maybe I'll stop taking laps for awhile during class. I can't have that part of me hurting. Those are my wheels man! That's needed in most of my crossfit routines. Without my wheels, I'm screwed. At least they're nice wheels though.

Yesterday's class was a near record of people in the gym. Not much room at all. However, I did notice a new lady next to me when we were dong bicycle crunches. During the intermissions, we had a group of 9 when we split the gym peeps up. I could see her next to me staring at my legs. Didn't even try to look at it from the side of her eyes. I looked at her face and she didn't even notice I was looking at her. haha. Women can be pervs too I guess. I just chuckled and smiled.

Today's schedule? Not much. Church to help clear my mind I guess, then I'll have 1/2 an hr to get home and get ready for the chocolate and wine pairing today with the meetup gang. Not sure how many will be there but I'll be there for sure. Chocolate isn't my favorite thing. I still have so many fun sized chocolate bars from the Halloween candy I bought for the neighborhood this last Halloween but not as many showed up this time so I'm left with like 70 bars of chocolate. I dwindled down a bit. Made sure friends ate some whenever they'd come over to my place for social events.

So I guess I need to figure out what to wear today. All I remember is that they gave me crap when I went wine tasting in sweats. Like damn!! Who cares what peeps wear when wine tasting. But yeah... I won't do that again. Maybe I'll got in a suit and tie this time. I have a black suit that I haven't worn yet and a sort of violet or purple dress shirt. Maybe a tie this time. I'm sure I got one of those foo-foo hankies that I'll keep in my front pocket but never used. Stupid things like that still makes me shake my head. Hankies for decor but not to be used. Oh please!!! But.. you gotta do what you gotta do and pay attention to crap details like that. Haven't made up my mind yet. Maybe I'll go with my chino pants, black sports coat, lavender/purple shirt, and my brown boots or black if it looks too weird. . Cool thing is that I can wear pretty much the same outfit to church too so I'll have just enough time to eat something before I get picked up.

So yeah, today will be busy for sure. Then it's back to work come Monday.

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