London Life
2020-02-09 10:43:11 (UTC)

The Postal Order

Got up all right but was quite hungover and felt very tired, so was quiet all morning. Chris sat with us but actually was good to see the conversation going and didn't say anything annoying. When changing trains some of the other lads were talking about my big bag and assumed I was going clubbing later. So glad I got the last seat on the Northern train. I got to look at a girl's shapely legs but her make up and attitude were that if a Northern tart. We went in the Weatherspoons pub, The Postal Order. Davina was with us and John D tuned up later having got four trains to get there.

There were no vegan places so I had a look at bits of the Town centre I hadn't seen before, it's rundown of course and has a multi-storey car park in the centre but has a few decent Victorian buildings. I got some food from M&S and walked to the ground partly along the canal, for the first time.

The game was mundane - I sat with Chrissie, Dave P and Dean's family - but they've got good at winning that sort of match. Again I was sorry to miss the XC fun unfolding on WhatsApp. Afterwards Chris and Davina caught up with me but I went ahead of them to get the earlier Northern train.

Had a coffee, and then a pasty at the station before re-joining the others for the train to London. The raucous singing behind us got a but boring. In another carriage when I went to the Ladies' I was serenaded by Ashkan, Joe and their gang. I said Ashkan looked smart and asked if he was going for an interview afterwards. He asked if I was going to run back from Euston again and asked what my weekly target is.

As the train got in late, I decided it wasn't worth going all the way to Peckham to catch the end of Katie's birthday drink, I'll see her on Tuesday anyway. But I missed two good social events for a match where the social aspect was not interesting. Instead I got some chips and watched the EFL.

It seemed today the storm was already starting but I was snug in my multi top layers, M&S skirt which goes so well with the away shirt, and cosy suede boots.