London Life
2020-02-09 09:30:14 (UTC)

Frances and Hayley's birthday drink

Fri 07.02.2020
In case I'm hungover on Sunday, I did an extra-long 16km run to work by doing a loop of Regent's Park. Jack arrived at the office with my work shoes before I'd even quite got there. Elina was working from home so I was able to get on with the Top 100 and even update the template as I went. However I really can't monitor all the local stations in future, it just takes too long when I should be doing magazine articles.

They're forecasting a storm for Sunday with high winds and heavy rain, so I cancelled going to Lloyd Park with Paul on Sunday. I left work at 16:05 and cycled home so I could get to the pub by 18:00 but after trying to get salad from three shops, having food and getting ready for tomorrow, I didn't get there until about 18:50. It wasn't going to be a nicely-dressing up thing, when I got home I'd just changed into a plain red skirt which I soon had to fold over at the top as it was too lose (which made it shorter) - it's obviously got stretched though it would be nice to think I'd got slimmer.

Spoke to Patrick who I haven't seen for ages and TomB about the Olympics and his pottery lessons, Aidan was there also. My memories about the later part of the evening are vague. I did talk to Don though, we seem to be OK, but still can't say hello to Jess, though I spoke to Chris, about football surprisingly. I was also chatting to Patrick about the lack of a Big 6 and of monthly drinks - Jay had told me she was still "thinking about the format".

I was hassling Kate too much to about taking her picture, but she was wearing a very sexy dress so it was not surprising. I did see one or two photos next day I didn't remember taking, including people I hardly spoke to such as Liz and Meredith. I forgot to take any with me in. At one stage I casually mentioned to a girl that I go to fetish nights, but I can't remember who it was. I didn't recognise Rosie at first, with glasses on.