Do Not Disturb

2020-02-09 05:37:51 (UTC)

I'm back

So I got my check earlier than, what I expected but itt was a good thing because I Can finally pay my phone bill and I did. Then, I ended up buying a milkshake from Chick-fil-A, and a couple of movies from Redbox because my Grandma wanted to see something scary 🙄but she ended up giving me two dollars back. I gave her twenty for gas even though she was asking four fourty when she specifically asked for twenty ( lets just pretend that I didn't look that word up because I forgot how to spell it ). I was kind of bothered by it but I went ahead and gave her the other twenty because they both were looking at me and by both I mean my mom and Grandma when she only asked twenty for gas.


I can't keep letting people get to me by bribing me out of my money. Its the fact that I be feeling so bad when they only ask for one thing but ask for more and you can't say no.

You get what I'm saying. I need to say no.

How do I say no ???

Learning tip of the day or for the rest of my life is : Learning how to say no and not feeling bad for it even if they say their gonna "pay me back "

- A

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