Carrie notes
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2020-02-09 02:47:33 (UTC)

Guilt Trip

Due to the fact I'm switching payees my aunt is laying a guilt trip on me. Why? Because once I change payees she will not be able to control me like she does now! That's right one Carol Ann Weaver is a control freak and when she loses control over someone she gives them a guilt trip from hell!
Right now she is mad 😠 that my light bill is $120 a month, my phone and tablet together is $67, my rent $179, $200 is what I use as spending, dish Network is $60 or so a month, and I asked for $100 for groceries which leaves $75 for savings out of my almost $800 a month disability check .
She claims she is worried I won't have money to spend on Christmas or birthday gifts. In reality I think she is just worried she won't make her house or car payment!
I have had it with her being a bully and giving guilt trips. I put with her garbage for 12 years.

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