Carrie notes
2020-02-09 00:07:10 (UTC)

What If And Reality

I often think about some of the guys from my past and wonder what would have happened if I stayed with them. One most recent Donald Paradis who has popped up in my thoughts regularly lately.
Sure I miss him and I think of him, but I'm glad he is gone. I don't know why but I sent him a friend request on Facebook. When Don Paradis was around:
1. I needed to become my own payee
2. All I was good for was to suck his dick
3. He didn't tell me he was a convicted murder who got aquited until I saw his mug shot on the news.
4. Because he is on parole and I'm on probation we can not be in contact with each other.
5. According to him where I currently live is just like where I used to live.
I shouldn't be missing him but I do. I'm glad he's gone but I want him back . This all needs to stop!

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