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2020-02-08 09:52:57 (UTC)

Strange day, weird smile

The day started with some weird events. I felt it when I woke up. I know for sure I dont need to be buying lotto tickets.
Got a text really early this morning. It was from my ex wife. Haha. She asked if I knew what day it was. I was gonna say the she devil's birthday? But nope, church somewhat smoothed me just enough to be somewhat goody-goody. Filters do show up from time-to-time.

Anyway, I replied with "Yes, I do. It's your birthday. Happy birthday". Yeah, another filter was used by now. She then asked if I could send her a pic of me wearing my wedding ring. Well, sorry. Not enough filters for that. I lied instead. Told her I dont know where it was but happy birthday anyway. That was it. Started off weird.

I'm not filled with hate or reminiscing about my past with her. She dont deserve my liking or hating her. She just was someone from my past. Now why would I not want to give her that pic? Well, because I'm not sticking my finger in a ring when at one point the ex wife was sticking someone else's cock inside of her. Not a fair trade if you ask me. Lol and yes, I now can laugh about it. That was many years ago and that lame ass dude is gone (pathetic old me). I replaced that lame dude with the new me.

I was hurting from this week's gym workouts. My right knee and my lower back was overworked. Yesterday, I actually had to pause on some sets. Weighted offset squats? Screw that. Dropped the weight after the 2nd round of that bullcrap. Back was hurting. Then the dips? Didnt break any records for that too. Reverse pulsing lunges? There was a lot of standing around for sure. After class, I didnt last for more than 10 min of jump roping. It was one of the most pathetic workouts I had in a year. Even hungover, I'd do better than I did yesterday.

Anyway, today I was late for gym class. The latest I've ever been in 2 years. Sure its was only 7 min but that's the start of that slippery slope. Got late. Then miss a day. Then miss a week. Then back to being a fatass sitting of the sofa with remote in hand. Haha. A little exaggeration but I'm not taking any chances.

So yeah, maybe I was not feeling 100% mentally and physically today. But after gym. The dopamine and serotonin kicks in. I feel much better now. Funny how working out takes away the knee and lower back pain.

Now I can feel my right shoulder pain creeping back on me. Previous work injury. Pulled something with my right arm and it popped because I misjudged the weight. Time for another shot in there. It's been almost 6 months since I last had it.

My gym friend and her Sister is sick. The superstar. Told her that love sick does not count to miss the gym. She laughed and said she really is sick. Even her Sister is sick too. I know she lives near the gym so I told her I'd bring some food for her and her Sis.

Went to Mcd's for breakfast. Went to her place to drop it off. Oh man, she looked and sounded terrible. She wanted to greet me with a hug but yikes!!! I dont want what she has!!! Her sister came to the door to say hi and she too looked beat up. Ugh.. poor thing. So I dropped off the food and split. My goody-goody deed for my friends today.

Today, I got invited to an event with my friend Heidi and the gang. It's to decorate used bottles and turn them into decorative light up lamps. Now one thing I'm not good at is artsy-fartsy stuff. I.mean the liquor bottle is already empty so to me, it served its purpose.

But whatever... better than sitting at home cleaning and watching TV. Actually, the latter sounds more enjoyable. I can even be semi-commando while doing it.

For now, I'm winding down. I'm at the Starbucks near my gym very slowly drinking my foo-foo coffee posting this post.

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