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2020-02-08 16:34:11 (UTC)

october 2022:

77 Kentucky (october 3rd Monday: National bf day)
One Zo Boba - Irvine (october 5th Wednesday)
Meizhou Dongpo (october 6th Thursday)
KFC (october 7th Friday)
The bento Place (October 8th Saturday)
Chosun Galbee (october 9th sunday)
Oh My Crab (october 11th Tuesday)
Kimbap Paradise (october 12th Wednesday)
The Kickin’ Crab (october 12th Wednesday)
Burgerdaddy (october 13th Thursday)
Kensho Hollywood (october 15th Saturday)
Uovo- Mid-Wilshire (october 16th Sunday)
Spoon By H (october 17th Monday)
Sunday Morning (october 19th Wednesday)
Manpuku Japanese Yakiniku Dining (October 21st Friday)
Point Break Poke and Grill (October 22nd Saturday: We cannot go to Esteban's bday party)
Blackbird Pizza Shop (October 23rd Sunday)
Gracias Madre - West Hollywood (October 25th Tuesday)
Northern Cafe (October 26th Wednesday)
Bosse Tijuana (October 28th Friday: I was dead tired!)