London Life
2020-02-06 15:23:00 (UTC)

The Visit

I think my work manager is leaving me alone a bit, now that he’s leaving soon. Elina couldn’t come up and sit with me as she was ambushed by Adrian and Mark. I went out to lunch with her though - she showed me two dresses she’s bought, which she says will make her bum look good. One has got slits up both sides.

I was feeling a lot of affection for her, and felt like kissing her on the head when we were in Waitrose – she was a bit lower down than usual as her heels were not as high as most days. I was also very tempted to caress her breast.

She spent a lot of time in Waitrose looking at stuff, in an entertaining way, then we went to the pasta place where they said we’d have to wait fifteen minutes, though it actually only took seven. I went to buy a hat, as mine seemed to have disappeared since I cycled to work this morning!

By the time we’d got back from the lounge, it was 14:15. I went down to see Elina later and she wants me to come to a Development Centre with her. I hadn't been planning to go at all; it's a horrible thing involving some daft personality survey and group discussions but I can't turn down Elina if she wants me to do something with her, I feel honoured. She says it's compulsory, but then she said that about the awards on Monday, and I got away with missing that.

Jack wrote to the solicitor saying we only want the free will, not the trust. They keep adding on extra costs they didn't mention at first.

We walked over the river to the Olivier Theatre at the South Bank. I was worried about the play, 'The Visit' being 3 hours and 40 minutes long. It's hard for me to sit still for so long (despite two intervals) and at the National Theatre you can't get your legs under the seat in front. The play was first performed in 1955, about a now rich lady returning to the Swiss town where she grew up, and re-visiting a sexual encounter from when she was 17.

As it was so long, it had some tedious monologues and a totally unnecessary daft bit at the start of the third act which could have been cut out to make the play shorter. I was glad the lady to my left moved (or left) after the first act, which made the length of the play bearable, as I could stretch my legs.

We were in the circle but didn't go out and see the great view over the river. It was very cold tonight though.