London Life
2020-02-05 15:55:26 (UTC)

The factory tour

Wed 05/02/2020
For work I wore an old skin-tight purple lycra skirt which has been hidden away for a while. In theory it's mid-thigh, but when you walk or sit down, it gradually rides up to minimum length, but never too far, it sort of tucks in below the bum, and feels very sexy. I wore it with my oldest pair of boots, a loose, very comfy suede pair, and I felt really great, especially as no doubt some people in the office would disapprove. I got my hair cut at lunchtime.

After work I ran to Waitrose to pick up a DAB radio for the bathroom, from John Lewis, I was already a bit late and then it was difficult to find my way round the building works. I also had to wait until a man came to the counter, only to lose my purse at the crucial moment, and I had to call him back when I’d found it. I had a coffee with Jack, who was going to the Hen & Chickens to see a film, ‘The Man You’re Not’ which was shot in Islington and Bloomsbury, and included a scene filmed in the Hen & Chickens itself.

At the community centre I spoke to Jenny from Stoke Newington, who hadn’t been since a visit to Islington four years ago. We went to Alara, I picked up litter with Tom and Lauren, being specially productive round the side, where we picked up a lot of very visible bottles and cans in just a few minutes, before helping the others shovel mulch. We had an extra long factory tour. Seems Lizzy is having a birthday drink on Friday as well as the Frances/Hayley one, and Katie's on Saturday.

About nine of us went to the pub, I was speaking To Steve L but it was a bit noisy. I let Tom speak to the Northern bloke, and had quite a long chat with Abi and Cas, mainly about London pollution and Government cuts. Lauren was a bit left out in the corner, but she did speak to Steve a bit.

We saw another new installation at Granary Square last night, called Palm Temple, it's a complicated stained-glass big-glass-wheely thing containing an "extinction bell" which rings 50 times a day to mark the rate at which the earth is losing species. It was featured in Time Out this week, but the group didn't have time to see it tonight due to the extended factory tour.