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2020-02-05 23:05:49 (UTC)

2020-02-05: Hash House A Go go: February Breakfast

So I got the phone call with my friend came over, and I was at the parking lot to get my Hash House Person named Estella and Shelby Reed, and they sat with us at the car and we drove to Hash House place, and it was so much fun to go on the Breakfast place, and we ordered a Dinner for the 6pm each, and it was the CRISPY MEATLOAF STICKS, SCRATCH CHICKEN VEGGIE SOUP, OLD SCHOOL WEDGE SALAD, CORNMEAL FRIED CALAMARI, ANDY'S SAGE FRIED CHICKEN & BACON WAFFLE TOWER, and we have some of our favorite drinks in our table. (located in 5th Avenue San Diego)

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