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me and my life
2020-02-05 20:41:02 (UTC)

No way.. Fuckedup...

M freaking out, because I'm big time fucked up. My job, finances, monku's job n finances and our wedding. I never thought that on my 30th birthday I'll be a loser. I have nothing in life. I have no job no means of earning and no wedding.
We both are in tension and we both are sad in our lives. He is more and it's obvious but, sometimes I think he is thinking too much or I donno. I just pray ki sab sahi ho.
About me I'm not getting a job. It has come like a surprise to me. That no one is hiring me and I haven't still gotten a job. I donno if I have made mistake of quitting a job or I just donno anything. But the time is just not right. M so worried for my job. I should get job in some corporate or else my salary will drop. M scared. I'll b bankrupt in 3-4 months. What will I do. Have let down mom and myself.
God please help!!
Tomorrow is my birthday, mom got me a gold ring. No matter what she is always with me n makes me happy. It's a shame to me that I should be buying her but instead she bought me a ring. I'll go to pune to celebrate my bday. Hopefully that will make us happy. Each other's company pany and spending time with each other.
I just pray for a job that's it.
God please help. Please dnt test this much.