Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2020-02-05 14:56:12 (UTC)

They say, But... THEY LIE

I’m annoyed and honestly, kinda hurt.

Best friend. Husband. The 2 people I thought were there for me. Both of them say they care. Say they listen. And that their always there if I need anything. Guess what.... They aren’t. They lie. Cuz half the time all I need is someone to fucking listen. THATS IT!! How hard is that!? I mean, come the fuck on. If we’re on the phone and I’m talking, don’t stop me mid sentence to read me something off of Facebook. I don’t give a fuck at that moment. I need an ear. Or was asked something. Let me answer or finish!

Today at lunch. Hubs. Called as normal and I was talking. Well he completely ignored me. Than tells me, “I was reading something interesting on Facebook” 😡🤯😭 Well sorry to interrupt you with my babble. I’ll take the backseat again.

I know I’m likely over reacting. But damnit, my biggest thing is having at least one person to listen. And just when I thought I struck gold and found 2, I find myself back here talking to myself again. Dwelling on the past. Whatever. I’m doomed to be the listener and be the shoulder but never be the one to lean or talk.

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