from my heart
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2020-02-05 00:30:04 (UTC)

“just start the car nobody cares if i cry anyways”

7:30 pm

do you know how much i crave to write. every day, every moment i crave to be able to put my thoughts on a paper but its so hard. the amount of thinking i do. i think about the things i think over and over again in a million different scenarios. its like going deep inside the probabilities.

i feel so renewed in life when i listen or learn something meaningful. i feel thats the only times i can feel good.

i wanted to bash my head so bad on the windows of the car. i had to hold myself back so hard. nobody understood me. it hurts so bad not being able to tell anyone anything. to feel so alone. all i wanted ever was someone there. to enjoy the simple things

my pure intentions, misinterpreted. communication is so difficult when one does not want to listen to the other side. i refuse to speak. im so tired