London Life
2020-02-04 16:04:29 (UTC)

Rob Newman

Ran into work and happened to see Lici at Russell Square. It's ages since I've bumped into another runner I knew - Polly, Tracy, Patrick, Ivo and Jody in the past. The office wasn't very busy, people must have been working from home after yesterday's trip; my manager was. I sat opposite the same woman as yesterday; she will now know that I am talkative with other people, because Elina came in at lunchtime. I met Jack because his lunch friend cancelled, and I gave him my chilli. I ate the baguette, salad and teriyaki sauce I'd got him. Meanwhile I'm slowly getting recruits for the quiz night after I emailed everyone I had an address for, yesterday. Though I may have to put in on the website.

Stayed late enough to get my flex time back in order, then we got buses to 2Northwood where Rob Newman was doing a "work in progress" show. Jack told me it was "doors" at 19:00, but that was when it actually started, so we just got there in time. He did some good material about the aftermath of James Bond's car chases (when he scatters market stall traders and their stock, etc), the illogical philosophy of, for example, the ethics of the train-points change where you save ten people but kill two by your actions (and whether it was against the law), and a bad day in the life of Jesus Christ (from an actual biblical story - it might have helped if anyone knew or remembered any of it).

Having failed to get into the TSB at work, and being unable to get a new password because they had my old phone number, I tried it at home (where they could ring the landline), only to find I now managed to get in. So I was able to pay myself some of the money that the Tour Fund owed me, not that I have any record of the exact amount -
I'll have to re-calculate it.