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2020-02-03 21:09:25 (UTC)


Currently procrastinating not doing my homework. Hate that i feel this way of course.. Love typing my feelings on here. I always feel anxious working right next to him. its been more than 6 months still feeling the same way i felt 6 months ago. Time doesn't heal shit when you are doing the same shit... Hopefully it'll heal this time. I seen the GM of this leasing job that I want and I was feeling discouraged about not getting the job thinking that someone else did, but it turns out that they haven't even filled the position yet.. But i was thinking like I seen new people in the office so I'm trying to figure out what position was it that i was applying for. IDK... anyways. still anxious. It's best not having to worry about things honestly. Most of it is none of my concern. I shouldn't concern myself with things that are out of my control.. Things that done benefit me. Everyday is new. Some days are harder than others. Hope I get this new job. Hope my heart heals soon.. And it will. Old me would have tried to stop feeling sad, and just say to get over it. But people don't know what they are talking about its such a process. A processs of some days feeling sad, some days of not giving a fuck and some days of feeling happy and feeling like you can conquer the world. Today was a day of a bit of anxiousness of course and sadness because I cried thinking about the things that I missed. But of course that is bound to happen.

Some days are better than others and some days are worse than others and that's just life. Life is full of pain and happiness. The real factor is how you are going to deal with that pain.

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