London Life
2020-02-03 12:52:18 (UTC)

First race of the year

Sun 02/02/2020
Did the Mornington Chasers 10km but there was no sign of most of the Southwark contingent who'd signed up. I saw Lici, and Helen from Hammersmith & Fulham, and another fairly quiet lad, Tony, I hadn’t met before. I kept going quite well until the last kilometre. After about half way I had the 50-minute pacer coking up behind me and I was trying to keep ahead of him, but failed at the end. I did manage to keep just within 50 minutes though. Afterwards I spoke to another girl, Lara from Hackney. She was surprised that me, a girl she didn’t know, had come up and talked to her, but she only joined in December so isn't used to it.

I went to see Lotoya finish, as she’d called out my name during the run. She said she’d arrived late as she’d been working, then she fell on her bum at the Hub and had mud on her tights. She later sent me love-hearts for waiting for her (she finished second-to-last). Well she’s my team-mate now! I did get cold at first, waiting for her though. I wore my MS skirt today with short top, thin cardy and cut-down boots. I realised while waiting for Lotoya that I’d got my jumper and scarf in the bag so I was warm enough after I put them on. It was a shame no-one wanted to go for a social though. It was very muddy walking back through the park.

I got some food, watched more EFL and had another bath. I managed to catch up with a few things – company returns and payments, a few photos and the Amazing Chart from recent weeks, but time seemed to pass quickly, even though I didn’t spend too much time looking at sexy girls online. I threw out lots of old WebUser magazines I’m never going to use.