London Life
2020-02-03 12:31:53 (UTC)

Solicitor visit, and the Virgin man.

Fri 31/01/2020.
Ran from home to Pall Mall, where Jack and his siblings were meeting a solicitor. We met the solicitor’s secretary, who had thought she was meeting Jack’s parents, not us, and she would have to go and meet them to sort out their will. She was South African so didn’t know how far Hertfordshire was. Luckily we had another topic to discuss, which was about the £16,000 the four kids had each put into their parents’ mortgage, which wasn’t recorded anywhere.

A solution was to put their mum’s half of the mortgage into a trust for the kids. The solicitor’s fees would be £4,400 each, which Marie offered to pay as she hadn’t participated in the first place. It all seemed to be agreed, but later David seemed to go off the idea, and Madeline thought Marie should pay her £16,000 as well as paying all the solicitors’ fees.

I didn’t go and sit with Elina, but we went out for lunch, when she’d eventually finished talking to her boss. I chatted to sexy Laura who was meeting her friends. Elina wanted me to go home on the train or bus with her, as she was going my way to meet her boyfriend, but I needed to cycle as I wanted to take my bike home for the weekend. Jack was out in the evening seeing his friend’s exhibition.

I had to get home by 17:15 as he was going out then, and the man from Virgin was going to come and look at the Broadband. He was supposed to come between 16:00 and 19:00 and arrived at 18:50. At that time neither the phones or laptop was connecting. He did more than I was expecting, taking half an hour. I asked him what he'd done, he said he'd replaced one old thing and swapped two others between the box by the PC and the one by the telly.

I started on the links for the Top 100, but was having version control problems with the links database so spent most of the evening doing it.

It was a terrible day for the UK, being our last day fully in the EU, after years of trying to mitigate or prevent it. Londoners and young people voted overwhelmingly to remain, it was older people and small town residents that swung the vote. They will deny that the negative effects have got anything to do with leaving, they'll probably still blame the EU.

Apart from the image it gives, of us not wanting to work with other countries, it has already cost the country hundreds of billions in investment, and will dissuade international companies from being based here, as well as putting up the price of everything. The saddest days were not today, but the day David Cameron hubrously called the referendum, the day we narrowly lost the vote, and the day Theresa May declared, despite the close result, that we would unnecessarily leave the single market and customs union.

Nigel Farage is still talking about how “we” won the war, although that conflict ended twenty years before he was even born. It's true that the UK alone prevented an invasion in the Battle of Britain, but the war was won with the help of Poles, Indians, North Americans, Australasians, and most of all the Soviet Union.