London Life
2020-02-03 12:04:45 (UTC)

Grazie pizza, losing my scarf, helping a woman

Thurs 30/01/2020
Cycled to work, and to a litter-pick starting at Red Lion Square at lunchtime. This was to try and get us ahead of Lambeth in the January league table, so it’s a good thing Flavia declined my invitation. I went with Ben and Beth to Bloomsbury Square, talking about Victoria House. I was carrying the rubbish bag, which wasn’t great as I think I’d have picked up litter more quickly than the other two. Good to get a chance to talk to Beth though. We forgot to take any pictures. Abi, Liz and Damian were the other helpers.

I later realised I’d left my lovely scarf there, a Christmas present from Jack after I’d lost the other one (and he found it hard to get one the same). I planned to leave at 16:45 to get back there to find it, and then get down to Stockwell for an urgent task by 17:45, but P IMd me to say I still hadn’t responded to the email for the Big Half. I said I had done it, because Lotiya forwarded me the email, but he said there was another form from the organisers, which had to be completed by 17:00. Seems Lotiya gave him a wrong email address for me. I had to fill in a form, but I got it done in time. Good thing I wasn’t on the tube already as I’d have missed P’s message and the whole team would have missed the race.

It was stressful, hurriedly getting three trains to Holborn to find the scarf, then two to Stockwell. I always seemed to be in the wrong part of each platform for my connections. The square was closed when I got there, no sign of my scarf so I thought I’d have to phone the Parks team tomorrow. I just got to Stockwell in time, said hello to Jack at the station, then had to find a particular block of flats where we were helping a woman. It was hard to find, as the estate had no maps or signs, and three people I asked didn’t know where it was. However I just found it just in time to meet Louis, and after we’d managed to get in (a code I’d been sent but he hadn’t), we went into the woman’s flat.

It was smelly at first until I’d got used to it. She was confined to sitting on her bed, even her telly wouldn’t switch on as she “didn’t know the code”. We had to make space for a new recliner chair the NHS were delivering. She had bits of furniture all over the place, so it was difficult to make room, as well as some magazines from the 1970s under her table. She wouldn’t let her helpers in at first; she claimed they were an hour late, and she moaned they never do anything for her, although they do have to clean her and look after her. I whispered to one of them “you have to be so patient” and she said she was used to it.

I had a chat with Louis on the way back. Although he lives in Kentish Town, he works at BPR so did a similar journey to me. This was his first task and he’s coming to Somers Tow

next week. I met Jack and we walked down to Picky Wops. Last time we went there, it was the wrong day of the week. This time, after we’d made our choices they said they’d run out of ingredients for all the pastas (no pesto) as well as for the pizza I wanted (no vegan mince), despite being open for another three hours. So we walked down to Brixton instead, to a Grazie, a tiny Italian vegan place in Brixton Village.

Once again, Jack was hopeless looking for it on CityMapper, I ought to take over, he was looking up Brixton Station Road at one point. In the end, I just said, let’s just walk around looking for it, and I soon found it. We just had room for a seat, and I had a gorgeous lasagne. We could watch the girls go by as we sat there. Afterwards we saw Eat Of Eden, which I remember visiting and had been expecting to see, but it was a Thai place before. We should try it again. Unfortunately the vegan Miss Cupcake was closed. Jack wanted to get the bus home, but it would have taken too long.

It ended up a dead heat between us and Lambeth in the league table. It’s a shame Jack and I never completed the bird-counting task, because we mis-understood the timing. Good news about the scarf, Liz found it and is looking after it.