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me and my life
2020-02-03 06:17:43 (UTC)

Will my life get sorted ever??

Its 3rd of Feb and 4th month of unemployment, stress hits me but I let it not affect me because its of no use of stressing. I am trying hard to get job, I know ill get soon whatever it be I'm going to face it with all courage and acceptance as it was my decision. I may be wrong I may be right but that's fine i don't want to take my life so seriously that i began disturbing mentally.
Now, also I'm worried about Monku as not any project or work is allotted to him yet and he is getting mad as his all colleagues got in to some or other process. He is worried because he thinks that he will be put in to some irrelevant project and will be kicked off because of non performance as he is not from IT background. He was assured about training and work of non IT. He has shelled out lot money to relocate in Pune and have no financial support, his stress is but obvious. but i think he is over thinking and over stressing. Today, e will speak to his HR and i hope things will get sort. God pleaseeeee pleasseee don't harm a person who trust you so much. I believe everything will be soon fine.
yesterday I ran my life's first Marathon for a cause for dialysis patients. It was really fun & I got medal as well.
today's to-do is as follows
Apply hell lot of jobs in Pune & Mumbai
Send pictures to casting people
Claim for PF withdrawal
Make vlog
walk (no yoga as I got periods)
read book if got a time

Alright, time to say byeeee.... My life at this point is so unpredictable about my job and my marriage both very crucial thing of life, but stressing has become old for me now as i dont want to affect my mental health.
god bless all !