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2020-02-01 16:36:52 (UTC)

Party all night? 😳

My friend has the whole day and night set up for the gang. Uh... how old are they again? I think they're nuts. Pub crawl in the afternoon, dinner at some Thai place, then hit this sorta older type club that is pretty awesome. Multiple fire pits, cigar smoking areas for peeps that smoke. Great wine selection (from the one time I went years ago). They charge the younger crowd to go in and not the older ones. Don't know why that is but hey, I'm the older crowd so I'll take it. I imagine it's because we should have more money so we blow more per peep. Dunno. Also, a bathroom attendant passing out towels and whatever else bathrooms attendants do. Going to pass on the pub crawl. I don't see the point in going somewhere to drink then going somewhere else to drink some more. What's the point? I think you should just sit your butt wherever you go and enjoy your time there. It's not like you have to go to all these places at once. Lots to do in life but hitting all the bars in a day isn't one of them. But all three places I'm sure we'd be drinking alcohol. If I go, I'll hit the Thai restaurant then the club. It's called the mix.

Holy crap! Not sure I want to go now. Just took a look at thewebsite for the mix. Looks like some hard core party place. Ugh... not feeling it. Would have to Uber for sure if I went. Cops will be all over the place looking for drunk drivers.

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