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2020-02-01 06:47:49 (UTC)


Ugh.... Not a morning person at all. Signed up for today's 8AM gym class. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Again, at the time. Now its morning, cold outside. Fleece blanket has the force of the dark side telling me to stay under the blanket. Only thing stronger that got me out was the need for coffee.

Looking from my bed, I see the flowers I got are still looking pretty good. It shouldn't but they are.

Class will be jam packed today. I can see the amount of peeps attending. So that means I have to take a shower before class. Sometimes I can grunge it when the class is small but motbthis time. Cant be smelling even before In sweating and I do sweat a lot.

My friend Heidi organized a pub crawl later this afternoon. I guess I'll go. There'll be about a dozen of us going downtown. Not in a mood for a big group today so a dozen peeps are small enough for me to socialize with.
Tomorrow is the Superbowl and the SanFrancisco forty niners are playing but even though it's a City that's local to where I live, they aren't my favorite team. My team sucked this year. Dang Cowboys. But yeah, the Niners are playing. I bet San Francisco will have all kinds of celebrating there in the win or lose. If they win, I guarantee there will be a parade for sure and tourism will be even more coming in.

Got paid yesterday. Had to pay my yearly DMV registration for my truck. Cant believe I've had my Tacoma for a year now. It cost me $728 to register it. Welcome to one of the most taxed State in the fricking U.S. I didnt even use it much. Still only have a little more than 3,000 miles on it. I guess I used my car more and Indid ride my motorcycle a little before I sold it

It's getting warm enough to go fishing soon so I better buy my fishing license, 2nd rod stamp, and sturgeon tags. I dont knowbthat Ibdo if I were to land a sturgeon. Itd pull me around on my kayak for awhile before that sucker Peter's out. Sorta glad I didnt catch one yet but you know.... screw it. It'll still be fun and where O fish for sturgeon, the water is calm and there are other boaters out there if I ran into trouble.

Well, need to get ready for gym. Finish my coffee then poop, shower, and shave. Lol

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