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2020-01-31 18:53:51 (UTC)

A bad day 😤

Started off good enough but... yeah.. drama... two minds colliding with disagreement. Damn it! Oh well. Life does go on. Keeping the baskets of life as balanced as I can get it. As if I need the drama. I also missed the job board openings. Pissed off at myself. The pay increase was only about 10K more a fricking year but hey, screw more money right!? Doh!!!! I need a slap in the head for missing it.

Anyway, There is another pool coming up soon so I won't miss that for sure. Good thing for that and this one is hourly. Not as much of a pay increase but hourly makes it even better than a higher position that was salary. Just 5 hrs extra a week is a big increase in pay. So maybe it's fate that I missed that interview. Next one I won't miss for sure.

I went to a different gym today. My usual gym has a rookie coach on Friday so he is not as fun to hang with yet. I went to the gym in Folsom City instead. The coach there is pretty good and always corrects members doing workouts incorrectly therefore avoiding injury. This City is more like the rich and beautiful so most are richer privilege people. It also means that are not in the best shape at all. So it's fun running circles around these peeps. You appear to then as in awesome shape. While the truth is I'm trying to detox from too much vodka last night. Still, it's easy to blow them away. Pistol squats, reverse planks, weighted sumo squats. All fun and easy but the people here find it almost impossible to do. So yup, some showing off when I'm there. hehe. Even with my skinny ass Spongebob arms. This made it 5 days in a row going to the gym. I plan on going tomorrow for 6 in a row I hope. I feel pretty good now. The dopamine and serotonin is flowing just fine. Bad day but mellow night. Time to retox.

Got invited to a beer crawl with my meetup friends. Not sure if I'll go but if I can get a ride, I'm sure I will. If not, I can clean my house a little bit more. I'm able to clean as I go when I'm home and just cleaning a little bit a day, I think I can make this place more enjoyable to live in. That's all I got for now.

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