London Life
2020-01-30 22:56:30 (UTC)

The mouse man and my leadership

Wed 29/01/2020
Cleaned the kitchen ready for the mouse inspector to come, then went online to do work and the Internet connection just stopped. It's never worked consistently on phone or laptop since Virgin dug up the whole street and came round to fit "much-improved" broadband. And it's never worked at all on my old PC since they did that. Anyway Jack phoned them up and they did something remotely, and it was working by 13:30.

My manager had phoned after asking Elina where I was, and getting my phone number off her, and said I'd have to take a day holiday. When I told him it was now working, he said "I've told the team you are off all day" as if that was an insurmountable obstacle to me starting work again.

I tried wearing an old orange, flared cotton mini-skirt I've uncovered which doesn't really go with the light tights I like, and I don't really like the way it hangs. I stayed warm with a snug blue thong leotard and Top Shop striped skin-tight warm top. I like to show visitors that I'm not the type to wear scruffy shorts and baggy sweeatshirts at home.

The man just had a quick look round and laid some stuff to discourage them, and said he'd come back in two weeks to check. This is what we're paying £199 for, it's another £450 to actually block the holes. He says he supports the same Championship football team as I do. I did some chilli and met Jack for a coffee.

For the first time, I was leading a task at the homeless shelter. It was hard to stop Lizzie and Suraj (who are getting on very well) jumping the lights, or Hanri wanting to run through the station, or to leave others behind to go on the swivel chairs. I met a girl who works in my office.

I was glad Rosie was there, as she knew where all the stuff was kept. P was there also, it was strange to be organising him instead of vice-versa. Unfortunately I didn't quite get us out before the homeless people came in.

At the square I had my instructions, to do three laps progressively faster. I said "or do two if you like. Or do whatever you want and meet back here". Anyway we got back late enough that the other group were back. I'm not entirely comfortable as a leader.

In the pub I spoke to the gorgeous but sweet and shy Cas about quizzes, music, books I read (especially at bedtime) and what's happening to the BBC. I managed to avoid the boring Northener, who said, when I asked if the 10km he was doing was in Regent's Park, he said to me crossly, like he was my school master, "what have I told you about every 10km I've done?"...(...that they were Northern. But I don't make notes about what he tells me).

I spoke to Suraj for a bit. Lizzie had come down, but she'd gone. I love her to bits, she's so sweet and casual about everything. She's writing some sort of script.