Experienced Life
2020-01-30 07:06:04 (UTC)

Life is good ✌️

Things are going ok at work. Got my projects pretty much done. Completed all but two and those two are just waiting on the customer. Today I'll close one more so I'll only have one left so I'm more than caught up. Learning something called SDWAN tomorrow so I'll learn more and get even more different type of projects in the future. It's all good. It's fun work and they pay me for it. haha. Gotta love it. I think I can work on 7 different type of firewalls now and that's just firewalls. Not talking about routers, switches, load balancers, Cloud, yada yada yada. I can't speak any other language (except to cordial bad words or phrases) but I can do this IT stuff.

My gym? All good there too but I've been slacking on the jump rope lately. I usually put in an extra hr of jump rope ( 1/2 hr before and after class) but this past week, I had to cut it short because.... I was too tired. Also, the extra body weight makes a big ass difference jumping around. I've been cheating a little too much lately. Don't let those very light chips fool you man. Eat some of those and it turns to lead in your belly. Fricking chips, any kind (potato, corn, sweet potato) they are all evil and I have a stash of them on top of my fridge.

I've been meeting new peeps though. If I'm around after class, Coach usually pulls me in when they have potential gym members thinking about joining. I've been a lucky charm for them. I've been able to lure a bunch of them to join. One time, I got to speak to three of them at once and all three joined soon after. Another one was a little worried about the cost but I persuaded her to join too. The last one I got to bring in because I told her how much weight I lost in a short amount of time. I should ask for commission or a discount on membership for all that but nope, nothing. lol. A lot of women join because they have special occasions happening in the near future. They're usually going to be married or be a bride's maid. Glad I'm a dude. If I had to be a best man or anything like that, I'd just be buying liquor. Easy-peasy. Anyway, it's nice that after you chat with them, you later see them at a workout which means they joined.

My shoulders and arms still have residual pain from Monday. Yesterday, we did push presses so that probably didn't help it any. My lats hurt too now. I can't believe how just yanking and twisting around those giant rubber band thingies can really work your muscles. At least my legs have been holding up. We did kettle bell squats yesterday and I'm surprised they aren't hurting too. We had to run two laps after our workout the other day. Surprised we did that. We almost never do this after class but I think it's because we got done early so our coach wanted to kill some time. So while it's not a race, it's still a thing for us to finish the top 3. Yeah, guys are stupidly competitive and I was pushing it. I'm not the first out of the doors and I like being able to catch up and pass some peeps.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Loony roomie's Sister texted me thanking me for housing her Sister for almost a year. That's a record for her and she was very much appreciative. Funny how she was appreciative when I booted her Sister outta here. haha. But she'd usually last only 3 months so I guess I did good. She said she has my house key and I told her to just throw it away. She's a teacher and said she'll put it in her magnetic tub in her class so when a student pulls my key out, she'll smile and remember me. Uh... I guess that's cool? Dunno but it's nice to be remembered in a nice way I guess.

Not many cool pics except for my lame attempt of eating a good lunch and my gym workout list for yesterday.

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