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2020-01-29 23:33:10 (UTC)

"Give Out" ..

"Give Out" by Sharon Von Etten

So what's with the eyes in the back of the room?
The only ones trying
The only ones I have let in years
It's not because I always give up
It might be I always give out

January 29, 2020 Wednesday 10:35 PM

The news is the following: there is none. I am still pretty anxious, but it's fine. Funny enough, among history of reforms and revolutions in russia, intermediate Russian II, and Russian sci-fi, my hardest class has been my beginner-level Spanish class. It makes me want to cry every time I leave, and I literally did cry today on the way home, so that was fun.

I made a mistake again, which is that I wanted to write, but I put it off and the sensation is gone. I'm going to go do my homework now. I leave for California on Friday morning.