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2020-01-29 00:48:17 (UTC)

Most Trustworthy Astrology Signs?

My husband told me not to trust Aquarius people, but I've only met one in my life that was absolutely horrible. There was another one who was super annoying. Lol. I want to make a list of all the signs and rank them from 1-10 on how much I trust them. 1, being little to no trust and 10, being full trust. Okay, here we go!:

ARIES - 9. There's no real trickery in them. They are pretty blunt. However... As far as them playing a prank on you... That might be a 1. Lol.

TAURUS - Overall, 4.5. Reason being, most I would put at a 7, but there's a couple I've met I would only put at 1 and/or 2.

GEMINI - 6. Stereotypically, 1, but I've met pretty nice ones. Lol.

CANCER - 7. I've only met one I don't like, but their moodswings can be off-setting.

LEO - 6. They mostly seem nice, but on the bad side, can be selfish.

VIRGO - 8. They are very blunt.

LIBRA - 3. I've met pretty deceptive ones.

SCORPIO - 9. I know if I pissed them off, they would slowly plot their revenge. But, I wouldn't do that. Even if I did on accident for some dumb reason, it wouldn't be a betrayal or a lie and that's what they are concerned with. I know there's really bad ones - Charles Manson, *Onision (*Lol.), but there is bad people of all signs. That invalidates this whole list, I realize, but this is kind of just for fun and is based on my personal experience with people of these signs. If I've only met bad people of a certain sign, that will effect my opinion of that sign for purposes of this list. I realize that there are good and bad people of each sign! Moving on...

SAGITTARIUS - 1. I've never been betrayed worse than by any other sign. It's not fair for me to judge all people of this sign, but the betrayal was that bad. I would put this sign at 0, simply for that one person, but I'll put it at 1. Not even trying to average this one out like I did with Taurus. Lol.

CAPRICORN - 9. Yeah, my own sign. We're good people. A major flaw of Capricorn is that they could work too much and ignore you, but that is not a reason to not trust someone. We're loyal (except for Jude Law and Tiger Woods. Lol. They are anomalies. I should look up their charts...) and straightforward. Not as blunt as Virgo and Scorpio - probably more diplomatic, but still very honest.

AQUARIUS - 9. I've found it very easy to talk to Aquarius people. They are great listeners. Possibly the best listeners of the zodiac, in my own personal experience. And very non-judgemental.

PISCES - 2. I have yet to meet one that I like... and that is unfortunate.

Well... That was interesting. I realize that I can't judge all people based on their sign. This is based on the experiences I've had with these signs in my life, to reiterate.

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