London Life
2020-01-27 16:10:58 (UTC)

Not much fun or excitement

Yesterday, after polishing off my magazine article (though it was still longer than usual), I I spent most of the day doing last week's Top 100. I went to lunch with Elina, we got a falafel wrap from a new stall, which was tasty but cold.Jack wanted to go out with me for lunch, but he asked too late to fit him in with Elina.

After work we went to Young Vegans. The pies were £7, and £8 with extra gravy, I think the price has gone up. They've finally stopped advertising the all-day breakfast pie which they stopped going some time ago, which was a shame. We got the last two katsus, which were lovely, though it was cold eating outside. We went for a coffee, then at home I made some potato hash, and some nutless roast (the cashew nuts are now too expensive to use).

For once I stopped reading at 11:38, then I was up twice in the night and the second time, after waking at 06:22 I couldn't get back to sleep and felt tired today.

I ran to work but again got strange results from Strava, it seems to go off course then gives up shortly after. I finally found time to iron out the bugs in the original Top 100 template, which I have been patching up individually each week. Ade from downstairs took the last seat, next to me, and sexy Laura came over to speak to us and Serena a lot.

Jack said he couldn't meet me at 17:00 and eventually when I phoned at 17:50, he said make it 10 past, I went to his office but he didn't come for ages, a nd it was me at 18:28 who had to phone and say, "where are you?" After another 20 minutes I went to get some food from Pret, he tried to phone almost immediately then IMd me to say "I see you've gone, I'm getting the tube.

I had wanted to go to The Man, but we had to clean and tidy before pest control comes tomorrow. There is still a pile of" stuff to read" in the main bedroom, as well as the cuttings I need to use for my magazine articles. I had to hide a lot of stuff in the blanket box. I could create a lot of room by disposing of Doctor Who books and videos. This evening I played my entire 33-strong A-List of this month's music releases, as well as some of last year's best tracks.